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The physiotherapist will take a detailed history of your condition together with any relevant past medical history. A physical assessment will then be undertaken to determine the clinical diagnosis of your problem. The physiotherapist will discuss with you a proposed treatment plan and will give you an estimate as to the length of treatment required and the proposed outcome of your treatment. The physiotherapist will not only treat the problem, but by spending time with you will often be able to show you how to minimize the impact of your problem and to help prevent it happening again. Physiotherapists use a number of different techniques including manipulation and mobilization, massage, exercise programmes, electrotherapy (e.g. ultrasound) and other electrotherapy modalities. Reassurance and education about the problem also gives patients the confidence to get back to normal activities quickly.
Absolutly safe treatment. Physiotherapy is a treatment which is a combination of Exercise, Massage, and Electrophysical agents It is administered to our clients by our expert Physios
Physiotherapy treatments are not expensive The cost of a session depends on various factors like the time required for the treatment and the type of treatment required . Each session of Physiotherapy may cost you about Rs. 350/-. The duration of the treatment can be between half hour to one hour.
Very helpful for long term back pain and shoulder problem sufferer ( Spondylosis and Frozen shoulders) these classes are Individual or group therapy classes for back pain shoulder pain which uses a combination of physiotherapy treatments Pilates and Yoga.
Preference will be given to patients with appointments Call Reception at 080 - 26586195 between 8:30 am to 11:30 am and 3:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

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